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The water «AQUA VITA» which comes from the 400 m deep water-well hole in ecologically clean woodland not far from Khudat is well protected from biological and chemical contamination from the outside. «TAС» is taking full responsibility to preserve the unique properties of this water.
To those who value the taste and quality of tea we are honored to offer to taste and to enjoy our natural ice tea, NICETEA. NİCETEA is a product that combines the taste and useful features of natural tea for reasonable e price.
Saxdag” mineral water is used in everyday life and it is very popular among the population. “Saxdag” is widely used by commercial entities as a main drinking water. The range: Still water “Saxdag” is distributed in 5 liter. 10 liter. 17,5 liter. 20 liter PET-bottles
Sparkling Lemonade «Gulustan» is made from a high quality natural concentrates supplied by the German company DOHLER. Contents of the main ingredients are strictly regulated by the manufacturer in accordance with the Directives of European Council from the 22.07.1988.
The company launched production of still drink “LIMONATA” with the taste of lemon. This product is the first and the only still lemonade on the market of Azerbaijan. This lemonade contains of 10% real lemon juice, clear drinking water and a little sugar.


"Quality of water is the quality of life!” this is the motto of our company.
The high nutrient value and excellent taste properties of our products are delivered by using high-quality feedstock and the state-of-the-art equipment and technology, involving qualified specialists and collaborating with scientific research institutes of Azerbaijan, Russia, Germany, Turkey that handle water treatment issues.
Considering today's complicated environmental situation, the company has set it’s priority to deliver "live" natural water and environmentally friendly non-alcoholic beverages to consumers, and it has been a success ever since.
Company’s product quality has been recognized with international certificates ISO 9001:20013 as well as with prestigious НАССР, which evidences both high quality and safety of products manufactured. It is noteworthy that implementation and application of HACCP in food industry as well as production facility certification by HACCP is mandatory in the EU, US and Canada. In this respect, “TAC” guarantee the stable manufacture of quality and safe products in the consumer market.
The natural water just cannot be one hundred percent pure. It contains dissolved gases and salts, as well as suspended solids.
The amount of impurities in fresh water usually varies in a range of 0.01 to 0.1 wt%. Several techniques are used to purify water from various impurities: - membrane filtration using reverse osmosis method;
- active carbon adsorption;
- chemical treatment (chlorination and ozonization);
- use of ion-exchange materials;
- water distillation.
Each of these techniques has its advantages and disadvantages.
The most widespread water treatment technique in the world is the membrane filtration, but, unfortunately, the water produced is distilled, while additional mineralization with necessary macro- and microelements makes it somewhat artificial.
The water «AQUAVITA» which comes from the 420 m deep water-well hole in ecologically clean woodland not far from Khudat is well protected from biological and chemical contamination from the outside. And the company objective is to preserve the unique properties of this water.
“TAC” company do not use the reverse osmosis units in water treatment on a general basis, preferring to supply their customers with a "live" natural water of a high quality. The water is not subjected to distillation, thus leaving the entire mineral complex "intact". At each stage of treatment, the water passes chemical, microbiological and organoleptic tests. Such tests are carried out by workers of chemical and microbiological labs that run successfully at the plant. he water delivered to the plant is cleaned from all impurities, decontaminated by UV radiation and bottled to bottles of different capacities while observing all hygienic rules and standards. The ozonization (ozone enrichment) of water enables to store it long time without any changes in composition or hazard to life.
The water “AQUAVITA” is totally up to the physiological completeness criteria in terms of content of biologically required macro- and microelements. The calcium and magnesium in the water prevent hypertension, increased arterial pressure and cardiac arrhythmia, reinforces bone tissue and has a benign effect on the nerve system.
It is also noteworthy that natural water, “AQUAVITA” alongside such world-famous trademarks as “Evian”, “Volvic”, “Vittel”, is considered more expensive but more preferred by the population.
The plant is equipped with the state-of-the-art German equipment “KRONES”. All production-related process operations are running in a fully automatic mode.

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