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TAJ Company

To those who value the taste and quality of tea we are honored to offer to taste and to enjoy our natural ice tea, NICETEA.
NİCETEA is a product that combines the taste and useful features of natural tea for reasonable e price. According to expert reviews, the global beverage market displays the trend towards the change of consumers' preferences. More and more people now come to take care of their health and turn their taste from sweet soda water to "still drinks", such as ice teas and other non-aerated beverages.
NİCETEA ice tea is made from natural water and natural black tea extracts with adding spicy and aromatic raw materials. The beverage contains a very low amount of sugar. The entire manufacture chain is carried out using the state-of-the-art bottling equipment (for drinking water and non-alcoholic beverages) by Krones (Germany). No preservatives.

Packaging: PET, 0.5 l, 1.0l
The range Green tea with lemon and mint taste, Black tea with wild berries, Peach, Lemon, Water melon, Mango

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