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No other substance underlies the life like water does. Two-thirds of the Earth's surface are covered by water; evolution started from the oceans; a human body is mostly H2O, a clear and transparent liquid consisting of two atoms of hydrogen (H) and one atom of oxygen (O). Water represents 65-70% of human body, and its content is higher with males than with females.
Aqua - a Latin name of water; it fuels our metabolism and is chiefly responsible for dissimilation of nutrients and their rejects. Water leaves the body as sweat and regulates its temperature, for water evaporation from the skin causes its surface to cool down. In order to enable these processes to run smoothly and have a human feel well at all times, he/she shall take up sufficient amount of water: approximately 3 liters per day.
Unless they consume enough liquid, their blood will become thick, making the heart pump it faster and with greater effort in order to supply it to organs. The insufficient blood supply increases the chance of apoplectic shock. The following numbers illustrate the importance of liquid inflow for human beings: the lack of just 2% of water in the body may result in fatigue, weakness and disruption of mental processes. A 15% reduction in water content may be even lethal.
Therefore one's health conditions depend on the water consumption. The market has reacted to this information, offering a huge selection of mineral waters. These products are either without or with a small amount of carbon dioxide. The classic mineral water contains at least 2.5 g of carbon per liter. The gas is either sparkling or quiet, depending on the taste. The following does matter: the notion of "mineral water" (which is effectively produced from underground wells) is protected by law and guarantees optimum pureness. The label should display the following information: name of well, place and date of analysis. Thus, one can be sure the water does not only quench the thirst but also does something for beauty and health. And now we would like to spare a few words about one of the leading Azerbaijani companies everybody knows for sure.
“AQUAVITA” is a spring water rich in vitamins and minerals which comes from the spring at the foothills of the Greater Caucasus; this spring is located in a clean preserved area of Khudat Region, at the depth of 420 m, where the thick layers of earth keep the water from any contamination. The tank cars carry the water from this spring to Baku, keeping it clear and its composition unchanged. Its high use properties have already been confirmed by multiple lab studies, including those conducted by the World Health Organization. There are no contraindications for this natural water. Just on the contrary, physicians and dietarians believe it possesses curative properties and is useful to children, as well as to pregnant and nursing women; furthermore, it helps improve metabolism and restore strength.
By the way: water is a real beauty elixir, and experts have known this for quite a while. For millennia, water guaranteed eternal beauty to people. One of the most known legends is the Perennial Youth Spring. Playing special role is also the sea water. It's not at all a miracle - the Greek goddess of beauty, Aphrodite, was born from the ocean.
Indeed, the sea water has always been believed to be a "magic bullet." This notion laid the basis for its cosmetic application, such as Thalasso-therapy. Humanitarian organizations have pointed out that one out of five people in the world has no access to clean water now. Too many people in the world lack wastewater disposal systems. Therefore, contaminated drinking water is the number one reason of diseases and deaths.
And that is where “AQUAVITA” come to help the people. All the water coming from the spring is thoroughly checked and shipped to production facilities only after confirmation by plant laboratories and high-effective purification. No man can enter here without a sterile white coat and special shoes. Operation processes are virtually automated: production equipment by Universal Aqua (USA), Advirmatic (Italy) and Tetrapac preclude any human contact with water. The slogan "Quality of water - quality of life" has become the fundamental principle of our
company's operations. “АQUAVITA” made everybody happy as they were granted the prestigious international quality certificate, ISO-9001:2013.
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